A Beautiful Day at The Wilshire Grand: Merideth & Kevin's Wedding

The enchanting moment has just passed but its memories will forever remain etched in our hearts. The special day of Merideth and Kevin at The Wilshire Grand in West Orange, New Jersey was nothing short of a fairy tale. The venue, a place we are all too familiar with, was as always, up to the mark with its exemplary service and splendid decor. The day was absolutely gorgeous, perfectly complementing the aura of happiness that surrounded the lovely couple. The bridal party was a joy to work with, adding a fun and lively vibe to the entire day. The couple was easygoing and a pleasure to work with, their love for each other clearly evident in every frame. A special and adorable guest that stole the show was their dog, brought to the park for some pictures. Dressed in a charming little tux, he added an extra dash of cuteness to the day. The day was filled with laughter, joy, and lots of love. It was a privilege to capture these beautiful moments for Merideth and Kevin at The Wilshire Grand. We wish the couple a lifetime of happiness and love!

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